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  Project information summary
Project UNIX name: dipmt
Project Descriptive Name: Distribution Independent Package Managing Tool
Submitter: Guanpeng Xu (leo_virgo)
Registered: 2005-05-20 06:25 on SourceForge
Development Status: Planning
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

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  Project Description
Distribution Indepedent Package Management Tool. It's central concept is to assist people when they are installing, updating and removing software packages, but not to force them to use this tool. All internal aspects must be completely clear and highly configurable to users.
  Registration Description
This is a software which assists people when they are installing, updating and removing packages under Linux. There are lots of existing package managing tools such as rpm in RedHat, apt in Debian, and portage in Gentoo. Dipmt is more similar to portage, but still different from it.
Guanpeng Xu (leo_virgo)

Casit (casit_null)

hongfengwbw (hongfengwbw)


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